Let's pretend you're in WhatsApp and you receive a message in a language you don't know. On average, it’ll take a ten steps to perform the translation and send a reply.

How might we make it easy to perform a translation without leaving the app?

My role in this project was to undertake user research and evaluate prototypes.



  • Julie Cattieu Product Manager

  • Heather Luipold Creative Lead

  • Patima Pataramekin UX Researcher

  • Anthony Tripaldi Software Engineer

  • Pendar Yousefi UX Designer

  • Carolyn Witte Creative Lead

TIMELINE + Responsibilities


Tap to Translate launched on Android in 2016, making it easy to perform a translation without switching apps. Our product supports over 103 languages, has a user base of over 500 million users, and is the second most used feature in Google Translate.


The Verge May 2016

Business Insider May 2016

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